What are Birmingham OWO escorts? O.W.O is an abbreviated term which stands for oral without, namely a condom. Known as a blowjob, BJ, sucking off or giving head without a condom for protection. A Birmingham escort is a professional adult companion who entertains men, often sexually. Therefore, a Birmingham OWO escorts are those females that provide men with an escort service of oral without a condom. She will put the man´s unprotected penis into her mouth and stimulate,suck or lick it.  

Whether she allows the man to ejaculate his semen into her mouth, depends whether she is also a CIM escort. CIM is the abbreviated term for Cum in Mouth. If a Birmingham escorts offers OWO, but not CIM, then the man will have to pull his penis out of her mouth before ejaculation.  

OWO escorts in Birmingham are the most popular type. Oral without a condom is considered to be a very important part of foreplay. Oral sex involves trust and intimacy which replicate a loving relationship. They feel emotionally accepted and respected. The way to a man’s heart, is his penis in a female’s mouth. Clients can relax with pure pleasure. An Owo Birmingham escort will submit to his oral needs making him feel masculine and powerful. The visual aspect of an owo escort Birmingham, kneeling before him, cock in her mouth and gazing up eagerly at him with her big eyes. There is nothing more pleasing to a man, than a beautiful Birmingham owo escort displaying “I want you” in her oral action skills. It is a form of vulnerability on the Birmingham escorts part, implying she wants to ensure his pleasure. It is also a popular escort service in Birmingham for clients who have limited time and want to be aroused quickly. Many clients feel they are not cheating on a partner at home with sex, if they only receive oral without.  

Owo escorts Birmingham have different techniques as to how they perform oral without on a man. The art of giving a blowjob comes naturally to owo escorts Birmingham. They are experienced and have practiced their technique based on sensitivity and aroused pleasure. The hands can be used for extra stimulation. The tongue can be used to lick the head of the penis. As well as the erotic sensation from the lips. Some escorts perform oral, hands-free, so they are free to touch and caress the client’s testicles and body. People like to give an receive oral in different ways. An owo Birmingham escort will ask or see by a man’s response as to what technique he enjoys. There are Birmingham owo escorts who have the natural ability to deep-throat a man’s penis. This means that the owo escort has the ability to take the entire erect penis into her mouth and down her throat, without triggering the gag reflex. 

There is a sexual position that involves oral without. This position can be pleasurable for both the owo escort and the client. The sex position called the 69. The owo Birmingham escort can perform oral without a condom, whilst the client licks her privates simultaneously. This is oral sex without a condom between a man and a Birmingham escort at the same time.  

There is always a sexual health risk when giving or receiving OWO. Whilst the risk of HIV is low, other sexually transmitted diseases can be passed from an infected person. STD´s such as herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis. Infections can be passed on, even if there are no physical signs or symptoms. An owo escort in Birmingham will refuse the booking if the client has noticeable sores on his penis. She will also refuse or ask the client to wash, if his personal hygiene is unpleasant.