How to Find Good Backlinks

If digital marketing agency are working on creating links to your site, you should consider the following methods. Forums and blogs are the most popular options. This will give Google the impression that your website is a lot of popularity. Your website will gain more traffic if you add backlinks to these sites.

Skyscraper content

Visit websites that are highly ranked on Google to get high-quality backlinks. Investopedia is ranked at the top of Google’s SERPs and has 96 links from 51 domains. This kind of content is a skyscraper and a linkable asset.

Viral content

You must produce quality content in order to generate natural, high-quality links. This will make you more popular with your peers. For instance, creating an article that solves a complicated problem will earn the trust of your community. These articles will be able to get good backlinks because they are connected to your subject and are more relevant to Google’s algorithm.

Sites with a high level of authority

There are many ways to obtain backlinks from authoritative websites if you want to increase the popularity of your website. Contacting the site’s administrators is the first step. While many may initially turn you down However, persistence will eventually make them take you on. Another option is the Skyscraper Technique, which is an approach to creating high-quality content and building backlinks from high authority sites.


Sharing infographics is an effective method for new businesses or websites to gain links. These visual presentations mix facts and stories to make complex issues understandable. They also increase the backlink profile of your site and aid in improving SEO.

Domain relevancy

Relevance to your domain is one of the most important aspects in Google ranking. If your website’s content is relevant to your particular niche and you’re more likely to be able to gain good backlinks. If you’re selling an HR SaaS product then you shouldn’t choose to target DIY or lifestyle niches in your link building strategy. This would send an unfavourable signal to Google and would likely also result in an automatic penalty.

Social media influencers

It’s a fantastic way to increase the number of visitors to your website by gaining backlinks from experts in social media. Influencers are well-known and have a large following. They also interact with potential customers. They are reliable and will link to your website if you provide them with relevant content.

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