Electronic Transactions and Social Media

E-commerce is basically the act of selling or electronically purchasing goods over the Internet or via online facilities like email or postal mail. It has come to replace the physical shopping malls. E-commerce has gained much popularity in the past few years owing to its ease and convenience. It saves time and helps people save money as well. There are a lot more benefits that one can enjoy by transacting business online.

It enables the users to buy and sell without going to the traditional market places. One of the biggest advantages of e-commerce lies in its cost effectiveness. The process involves less physical movement and also saves time, money and energy. The other advantage of electronic commerce over traditional commerce is that it uses all types of communication media like email, phone calls, faxes etc.

E-commerce provides several services like advertising space, payment facilities, data entry, inventory control, product catalogues, and tracking of orders and payments made through the website. The process of electronic commerce is known as online marketing. With the growth and recognition of the concept of e-commerce, a number of companies have plunged into it. These companies offer a wide range of consumer and corporate E-commerce services. They have developed various strategies to make the process of E-commerce popular among the customers. The most commonly used modes of E-commerce are online marketing, online stores, e-commerce web hosting, online auctions, electronic wallet, and credit card merchant accounts.

The main advantages of e-commerce are the easiness to conduct transactions online, cost effectiveness, privacy protection and the convenience of time management. E-commerce is a boon for the retailers as it provides them with a platform to increase their sales. It also provides them with a convenient, safe and secure way to conduct their business. It makes the task of searching for products easier and enables the users to make purchases from the comfort of their home or office.

E-commerce has brought a great change in the field of consumer e-commerce. Online stores and other retail outlets can accommodate a large number of customer through the Internet, which increases the chances of a successful business. This has also resulted in the development of various computer software that makes the work easier for the E-commerce sites. In fact, most of the e-commerce websites have integrated a shopping cart system.

E-commerce has emerged as a great replacement for the traditional retail system. E-commerce allows the consumers to make purchases from the comfort of their home or office without being required to physically step out of their homes. Since consumers have increased their usage of the Internet, the business of E-commerce has automatically increased and there are more consumer and merchants available on the net.

The process of starting a E-commerce website has become much easy than what it was earlier. There are many companies offering different kinds of E-commerce solutions to the merchants and E-businesses. Most of these companies offer E-commerce web hosting services that allow the merchants to manage the website effectively and efficiently. E-commerce website development is a specialized field and there are many companies that provide their services for this purpose.

Consumers are always very comfortable in purchasing things online, which is why the demand for E-commerce websites is increasing every day. E-commerce websites are also a way of marketing and promoting products and services to increase the sales. They have come up with so many innovative features that enable the businessmen to interact with their customers online. Besides providing electronic transactions of goods and services, they also give them a way of socializing and engaging with their clients on a one-to-one basis.

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