Gifts In Preparation To Enter The Kingdom Of God

Giving gifts is an age old tradition. It is one of the ways we express and show our appreciation for loved ones, friends and business acquaintances. Gifts help to brighten people’s day and brighten the day of the giving giver. There are different types of gifts and giving them have become a big part of social occasions and also a major source of revenue for some businesses.

Business: Gifts can be given for various business purposes. Gifts for clients, customers, clients’ family and employees are examples of business gifts. In most cultures today, corporate and other kinds of professional gifting is almost as common as the cash. In Western cultures, corporate gifting is often times accompanied with a corporate gift note that can also note the recipient’s name, the event and the make-up artist’s name. In the East, however, corporate and religious gifting is less common.

Christening Gifts: A Christening is an important celebration on an individual’s life. It is a rite that marks the beginning of someone’s adulthood. On a Christening, a baby is called blessed. Among the items given as Christening gifts include Crosses, Jewelry, pictures of the Christ Child, candles, incense, Holy Water, ornaments or statues, and other items that are related to Christ and His teachings.

Spiritual Gifts: The Church also sponsors a number of occasions and events where people exchange gifts. Among the gifts given as spiritual gifts include icons, cross necklaces, Holy Water, icons, and other items that are meaningful to the Church. Some of the more popular spiritual gifts include icons, crucifix, cross necklaces, and plaques.

Prophecy Gifts: Everyone has the ability to foretell things about future events. This gift is often associated with the gift of prophecy, which requires the person to have a special talent. The most common gifts for prophecy include Holy Gifts, Pentacles, and Coins. Many Christians use the gifts of prophecy to gain insight and knowledge about God’s Word and His promises.

Exhortation Gifts: Those who posses the ability to exhort others to obey the commandments of God can be considered gifted in the area of exhortation. The word exhortation means to exhort or urge. Those who have the ability to preach the word of wisdom to people and inspire them to obey God can be considered to possess the skill of exhortation. Some common exhortation gifts include Thematic Exhortations, Conditional Exhortations, prophesying Exhortations, Hymn Explaining, and Sermon Interpretation. These gifts assist those who posses them in converting those who hear their words into operable action.

Gospel Gifts: Those who posses gifts in the area of preaching the word of God can be considered to have a giftedness in the area of gospel preaching. This gift is most often associated with the gift of prophecy but it does not necessary have to be. Gospel gifts include Discourses, Lectures, and Teaching. All these gifts aid those who possess them in evangelizing the word of God to the lost.

Spiritual Gifts: All people in the body of Christ are gifted in one way or another with certain supernatural gifts. These gifts assist those who posses them in working on the gifts of the spiritual life. Gifts in the spiritual world include such things as healing, discernment, visions, revelation, knowledge, and prophecy. These gifts assist believers in gaining supernatural experiences that enhance their understanding of God and make their walk in the wilderness more rewarding. Gifts in the spiritual sphere are generally viewed as extensions of the physical nature of men, therefore, people who posses these skills are considered to be more spiritually capable than the average person.

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