What Is a UK Trading Platform?

There are various kinds of UK trading platforms. Some of them offer spread betting and zero commission trading in stocks. Some offer CFDs with leverage. There are also regulated platforms. The best UK trading platforms have been certified by the FCA and their books are regularly checked.

eToro offers zero-commission stock trading

eToro allows users to make orders in a variety different ways. Limit orders, market orders, or stop orders can all be placed by customers. Limit orders aren’t able to be edited after they’ve been made, but they can be canceled and a new one put in at the same price. Users can also set alerts to receive notifications when an asset has reached an amount that is specified or when an order is fulfilled. The notifications are sent via browser notifications or a mobile push notification.

eToro also offers additional information about trading instruments and symbols. While some brokers charge commissions for their services, eToro is zero-commission in stock trading. The platform is accessible to users from a range of countries. The Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and CySEC (Cyprus) in Cyprus regulate the company. Additionally, it is registered with ASIC in Australia and FinCEN in the US.

Interactive investor provides CFDs

Interactive investor is among the most well-known online brokers in UK. It provides more than 40,000 shares both from the UK and around the world. best trading platform uk offers award-winning insights and tools and is FCA regulated and FSCS-protected. The site is simple to use and the charges are generally affordable. However, investors must be aware that the fees can quickly exceed profits even for small investments.

The firm has been around for a little over 20 years, and has been a top UK stockbroker for almost two decades. The platform for online trading was created in 1995, and is user-friendly. It has a mobile app and easy deposit options. Interactive Investor offers excellent phone assistance that makes it simple to find answers to investor’s questions regarding trading.

Interactive investor offers CFDs through its UK platform, but it does not have access to all stock exchanges. Although the trading platform is simple to use, it offers a limited number of ETFs and stocks. It also allows phone orders for certain exchanges. Its research tools are helpful however, it does not have more sophisticated analytical charting tools.

Spread betting is provided by City Index

City Index, a well-known spread betting company, provides services in more than a thousand markets. It provides competitive spreads, a variety of trading tools and excellent customer service. Customers can benefit from their advanced trading platform which has a large data archive dating back to 1994. It also has an interactive charting tool that permits users to overlay indicators onto charts and to annotate them.

City Index offers a variety of account types that can meet different investment goals. It offers Trader, Premium Trader Professional Trader and Futures trading accounts. It also offers spread betting and CFD trading. It is a British-based company with offices in Australia, Dubai, and Hong Kong. It is subject to the supervision of the FCA in the UK and ASIC in Australia.

City Index was founded in 1983 and is now a leading provider of spread betting, CFD trading and margined forex. It processes more than 1.5 million transactions each month. The company’s offices are located in London’s Park House. The company also offers free training materials and educational resources to help customers gain more understanding of trading.

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