What Are Different Types of Hair Transplants in Turkey?

There are two kinds of hair transplants that are commonly used. is essential to select the appropriate one for you. The two procedures are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). A study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine has compared the two surgical methods and found that FUE required between 10 and 30 percent less time to complete than FUT. However, the cost of the procedure will be heavily on the method used.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a cutting-edge hair transplant procedure

FUE is one method of hair transplantation. FUE utilizes the latest technology and equipment to harvest hair follicles. It can cost more than the traditional hair transplant, but it has numerous advantages that include the possibility of having a scar-free operation. FUE costs are determined by a variety of aspects, including the expertise of the surgeon, the reputation of the center, and the location.

This process involves inserting hair follicles that have been harvested through slits or holes on the scalp. The process can be performed by a couple or three people. In the classic FUE technique, micromotors and steel blades are used to insert the grafts. The DHI Method uses a special pen that has sapphire blades.

DHI is a classic hair transplant technique.

DHI is among the most widely used hair transplant procedures used in Turkey. DHI prevents cutting the skin of the patient, thus reducing the possibility of scarring. It also maximizes the survival rate of the hair follicles as it does not require shaving of the patient.

The procedure is safe and highly successful for most patients. It can be performed on people aged 18 and older. Experts advise that younger men wait for at least 25 years to have a hair transplant. Because their hair loss patterns are not yet well understood.

Sapphire FUE is a brand new method of hair transplantation.

Sapphire FUE is a new method of hair transplantation that is being used in Turkey. It is a non-invasive method that utilizes sapphire blades with open microchannels to transplant hair. This method decreases the chance of hair follicles moving, and the recovery time is fast. The cost of this procedure is around $1500 per procedure on average.

The channels are opened by the sapphire blades that are used in Sapphire FUE hair-transplant procedures. Because the channels are tiny, they minimize the chance of damaging nearby follicles. The procedure also has a low likelihood of scab growth and rapid recovery.

Emeryonic stem cell transplantation (FUT) is a new hair transplant technique

FUE is a new hair transplant technique that employs Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) techniques. FUE is the process of removing individual follicles from the donor site using a small tool. The grafts then are placed in the hair of the patient. FUE surgery takes about two weeks to recover.

Every patient is different and the procedure of hair transplantation will be different for each patient. The degree of hair loss and the density will determine the technique which is employed. The doctor will examine the hair of the patient and determine the most effective method to employ. The patient will be treated with local anesthesia during the procedure. The doctor will explain the various stages to the patient and will explain the areas in which transplantation will occur.

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