An Explaination of Star OUTiCO

Star OUTiCO is a global leader in the provision of outsourced digitally-enabled services to the pharmaceutical industry. It is part of the Uniphar Group and provides multi-channel sales communication to health care professionals. The company has invested heavily in digital capabilities to enhance the level of engagement with clients at any point of the commercial lifecycle. One example is the AXiOM platform, which gathers real-time programme data from multiple sources.

Star OUTiCO is a market-leading supplier of outsourced digitally enabled commercial services to the pharmaceutical industry

Digital transformation is a hot topic in a variety of industries and even the healthcare industry. Although this change has been underway for a decade, only recently has it become a major focal point. The following interview is with Kevin Lennon (Business Unit Director at Star OUTiCO), a major provider of pharmaceutical outsourcing and resourcing. It gives an insight into how a digitally enabled approach could aid healthcare companies in maximizing their sales and performance.

The Company has teams across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. It is dedicated to bringing new ideas and the latest technology to the pharmaceutical industry.

It is part of the global Uniphar Group

Star OUTiCO, part of the global Uniphar Group, is a top provider of digitally-enabled commercial services to the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical Recruitment Agency launched a brand new brand identity to enhance client engagement at all stages of the commercial lifecycle. The company collaborates with Uniphar Group’s Clinical & Commercial Division in order to assist pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to make a stronger commercial impact. The team comprises experienced commercial and clinical professionals who support clients throughout their sales and marketing journeys.

Star Medical was established in 2002. Star Medical quickly established a excellent reputation as a recruiter, specializing in pharmaceutical, medical device and market access positions. In 2015 the company was purchased by the Uniphar Group. It is now one of the biggest healthcare service providers in the world. Its most recent acquisition, OUTiCO was made in 2010 to help in focusing on healthcare professionals by utilizing their preferred channels of communication. Its strategy was able exceed expectations of clients and demonstrate the commercial worth of healthcare professionals.

It provides multi-channel sales communication to health professionals.

Star Outico, part of the Uniphar Group, is a market-leading provider of multi-channel sales communication for the pharmaceutical industry. It is an outsourced digital sales service that assists healthcare and pharmaceutical companies make a significant difference on the commercial landscape and improve clinical outcomes. The company offers an extensive outsourced sales service proposition spanning the entire commercial lifecycle.

The company serves more than 200 multinational pharmaceutical and medical technology manufacturers and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. It has more than 2300 employees and a global presence. Its principal goal is to increase access to pharmaco-medical drugs for patients and improve connectivity between manufacturers and health care stakeholders.

It has developed its own digital excellence in call solution

Star Outico, part of the Uniphar Group, is a market-leading provider of digitally enabled commercial services to the pharmaceutical industry. The company was established in 2010 and OUTiCO collaborates with healthcare institutions to enhance their commercial impact as well as meet commercial and regulatory requirements. The company’s AXiOM platform is a platform that combines data from multiple sources into one, complete solution for clinical and commercial outcomes.

Utilizing its unique database, Uniphar can access customer and contextual information on IT systems, enterprise software, and supplier relationships. It can also gain insight on a company’s willingness to invest in new technologies and services. The company also has a view into its own digital transformation projects which allows it to remain in the game and meet internal requirements.

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